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Thinking Ahead

All of our services are based on a foundation of strategic planning. We account for our clients’ needs in consideration of a number of factors, spanning state regulations, COVID-19 compliance, and the unique logistical realities of the workplace, venue, time, and place. Our strategic plans are always custom-created and carefully-developed in response to real-time data and analysis. Through our evidence-based approach, we ensure our services for clients are effective, cost-efficient, and thorough.

State Regulations, Department of Health Requirements, and Permit Acquisition

Given our decades of experience providing onsite and event medical services for clients throughout the US, we are able to streamline the compliance process. Our skills in handling regulations and requirements have been honed over the years and we specialize in all aspects of Department of Health permit acquisitions. When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were uniquely-positioned to help clients respond to emerging safety recommendations and requirements. We support clients in compliance areas spanning:

  • Department of Health Permits
  • State Regulation Compliance
  • CDC Policies and Recommendations

It's All in the Data

Data Analysis and Reporting to Inform Strategy

Tools, technology, and teamwork provide real-time data that help us predict and agilely react to public safety issues affecting our clients. The information we gather influences our decisions on safety, preparation, and medical care, as well as resource allocation and staffing. With live data, we efficiently and effectively manage onsite screening, patient flow, and costs. To continue providing the optimal level of services, we reevaluate and adjust our recommendations based on ongoing analysis. 

For events, we offer data collection, reporting, and post-event recommendations to give you a strategic and tactical advantage for the future. 

Helping You Comply


Workplaces and event venues often hold challenges for Americans with Disabilities. CrowdRx addresses these issues proactively and effectively to ensure your site is ADA-compliant. For events, this helps all of your attendees participate in meaningful ways. 

We Bake Planning Into All Our Services

Learn more about how CrowdRx integrates meaningful strategic planning for all of our services: 

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