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We provide full-scale on-site medical services and planning for your workplace or venue. Our services are always led by a physician, and our team stays up-to-date on the evolving recommendations and regulations that affect your business. Dr. Bazos, CrowdRx’s Founder and Managing Director, is at the forefront of the relief efforts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and was recently appointed as Designated Medical Director of FEMA in New York City.

Some our comprehensive onsite medical services, which are always tailored to your needs, include:


All of our services are based on a foundation of strategic planning. We account for our clients’ unique needs in consideration of a number of factors, spanning state regulations, COVID-19 compliance, and the unique logistical realities of the location. Our strategic plans are always custom-created and carefully-developed in response to real-time data and analysis. Through our evidence-based approach, we ensure our services for clients are effective, cost-efficient, and thorough.

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for Deployment For more information about the CRX OMU - Operational Medical Unit, email For 24-hour emergency response, call 888.912.7693 and request activation of CRX OMU.

On Set for TV, Stage and Films

CrowdRx has been a fixture on TV and movie sets for more than 30 years. Our physician-led stand-by medical services are well-known and highly-regarded among cast members and producers alike.


We provide full-scale planning and on-site medical services to help your workplace open—and stay open. We integrate medical screening, care, testing, and more into our services tailored to your businesses’ needs.


OSHA-certified CrowdRx professionals offer on-site medical care for the construction industry.  In addition to urgent care, we administer drug and alcohol testing and maintain electronic logs for worker compensation reviews to help keep your site safe for all.

Venues, Stadiums and Festivals

Our event coverage is always led by a physician, ensuring the best results for you. Staffed by an expansive network of MDs, paramedics, EMTs, RNs, and other medical support personnel, CrowdRx provides a full range of event medical services, including screening, urgent care, planning, permitting, staffing, supply, medical transport needs, first aid tents, and more. Learn more.

Schools and Campuses

University, school and even corporate campuses propose a unique challenge. Providing on-site services that a reliable and with no disruptions are our focus.

Government, Military Facilities

As a trusted partner, CrowdRx is uniquely suited to provide on-site medical services to a variety of settings.

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