Matthew Marion, MD, FACEP

Regional Medical Director for Oregon


An emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Marion has works with CrowdRx providing supervision and medical care at music festivals in Oregon, Washington, and Ohio. He served as medical director for What The Festival in Oregon and was on the CrowdRx team that provided medical supervision and safety protocol development for a reality television production in the Canadian Arctic in 2018. Dr. Marion has training and experience in wilderness and remote medicine, as well as a passion for providing care to extreme sports athletes, including surfing, kiteboarding, climbing, and mountain biking.

Dr. Marion is currently working abroad in Gisborne, New Zealand, as an emergency consultant, but remains part of the CrowdRx team.

Dr. Marion’s background includes working with EMS agencies in the Pacific Northwest and providing medical direction for search and rescue operations in the Central Cascade mountains of Washington. He has served as an attendee at hospitals in Portland and the Columbia River Gorge.

Dr. Marion completed his emergency medicine training at the famed “Knife and Gun Club” of Denver Health Medical Center, one of the first emergency training programs in the country and the subject of a book and TV show. During that time, he had the opportunity to provide medical care at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Dr. Marion graduated with distinction from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.


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