Kelly Durej

Operations Manager, Special Operations


Kelly and her Special Operations Team travel the country providing on-site medical expertise and guidance to events ranging from small film activations to The FISU World University Games and even the Philadelphia Eagles.

In her role, Kelly often serves as the planning section chief and/or the operations section chief for major sporting and entertainment events. With her deep experience and a background in EMS and production, Kelly produces emergency action and operations plans for our clients and partners for submission to fulfill local state and federal requirements. Her delivery of this critical service provided by CrowdRx ensures we meet our client’s needs while working within the operating requirements and regulations of the event locale.

While in the field at these events, her experience and education kick in to support event organizers by providing guidance and data driven recommendations on how to best ensure the safety of up to 85,000 event attendees and staff. When dispatched to remote locations, Kelly coordinates with our operations team and outside vendors to implement support systems for communications and data management, ensuring we are always able to support our event and public safety partners.

Prior to joining the CrowdRx team, Kelly worked in film and stage production after receiving her Bachelor of Arts from The University of Maryland.


Phone : (888)-91-CROWDRX

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